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Hardware vision treatment is a set of training exercises for vision, the purpose of which is to strengthen and increase visual acuity, develop and consolidate binocular vision, improve eye muscle tone and blood circulation in the orbital zones.

Hardware eye treatment is carried out for the prevention and therapeutic treatment of eye diseases:

  • amblyopia
  • different types of strabismus
  • progressive myopia
  • spasm of accommodation, farsightedness
  • other diseases

Especially effective hardware treatment for children of preschool and school age.

It can be carried out by various methods and devices. The approach and prescription of the course of correction for each patient is individual and is determined by an experienced ophthalmologist after a detailed diagnosis.

It is in childhood and adolescence with the help of hardware treatment that there is the greatest probability of achieving the desired results and high visual acuity.

Remember, the earlier the diagnosis, the more effective the treatment.

Children and adolescents are prescribed hardware treatment for almost all eye diseases.


  • with strabismus
  • with impaired binocular vision
  • with spasm of accommodation
  • with amblyopiawith asthenopiaas
  • well as with any types of refractive errors (myopia, farsightedness, astigmatism).
  • when recovering from operations
The cost of exercise packages for hardware treatment
10 classes
UAH 2000 (the first lesson is free)
UAH 2000 (the first lesson is free)It is used for myopia.Devices used:Dashevskyi,
Kovalenko, Rainbow, SACCADE,
Trickle, KP Klynok, KEM.Duration: the first 3 classes - up to 20 minutes,
the next 7 classes - up to 50 minutes

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10 classes
UAH 2000 (the first lesson is free)
UAH 2000 (the first lesson is free)
It is used for lazy eye disease .
Devices used:Panorama, Rainbow, SACCADE,
PC Pavuchok, KP Klynok, KEM.
Duration: the first 3 classes - up to 20 minutes,
the next 7 classes - up to 50 minutes

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10 classes
1,800 (the first lesson is free)
10 classesUAH 1,800 (the first lesson is free)It is used for hidden,
converging and diverging cosine.
Devices used:Synaptophore, Stereopsis, PC KlynokDuration: the first 3 classes - up to 20 minutes,
the next 7 classes - up to 50 minutes

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the device is intended for the treatment of amblyopia, functional underdevelopment of the retina, increasing the visual acuity of the amblyopic eye, treatment of concomitant strabismus, as well as refractive amblyopia from an early age.
intended for relief and prevention of visual fatigue, improvement of visual acuity, treatment of amblyopia and strabismus in children, starting from an early age.
Intended for phototherapy (light therapy) of a wide range of ophthalmic diseases. The device, with two LED matrices, is designed for dynamic phototherapy of the optic nerve, retina, and inflammatory processes.
The device is intended for perimeter training of oculomotor muscles along selected meridians and treatment of amblyopia

Synoptophore SINF-1

Synoptophore is intended for the diagnosis and treatment of motor and sensory disorders and strabismus. It is used to clarify objective and subjective angles in people with overt and hidden strabismus, to determine the ability to binocular integration and the state of retinal correspondence.
Trickleit is used to relieve spasm of accommodation and prevent "myopia" in children with increased visual stress, to reduce eye fatigue when working with a computer, to prevent "farsightedness", and also as a post-operative rehabilitation tool.

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