The MEGAOPTIKA vision center is:
  • the best optics in the world
  • vision clinic and glasses supermarket
  • the largest optician in Ukraine (officially registered record)
  • a complete complex of vision diagnostics and production of glasses
  • the largest selection of glasses in Ukraine (8000 frames)
  • 16 offices for vision diagnostics for adults and children
  • German standards for diagnosis and vision correction
  • own workshop for making and repairing glasses (without weekends)
  • free express vision diagnosis
  • No. 1 in Ukraine for the manufacture of glasses with ZEISS lenses
  • the largest collection in Ukraine of the world's lightest Silhouette frames
  • 20 years of experience
  • convenient, because everything is in one place for the whole family
  • we work without days off
  • the ideal place to select and buy glasses

The MEGAOPTIKA vision center is MORE than optics

Map of the MEGAOPTIKA vision center
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is an eye clinic and
glasses supermarket in Lviv